We represent Plaintiff's on a contingency basis which means that we do not get paid unless you get paid


In California, the labor laws were created to to protect employees. Most employees are entitled to receive overtime wages even if they receive a salary, and even if their employers mis-classify them as managers or other exempt positions. An employer may tell you are not entitled to overtime because you are a “manager,” but you do not do manager duties and do not get paid the manager wages.

Law Offices of Choi & Associates has helped helped many employees that have been misclassified as exempt, denied minimum wage compensation, denied proper overtime compensation, denied legally mandated meal and rest breaks, unfairly charged for business related expenses, and other labor law violations. Law Offices of Choi & Associate has been certified as class counsel on numerous multi-million dollar labor law class action cases and have published opinions from the California Court of Appeals and United States Ninth Circuits Court of Appeals.  Law Offices of Choi & Associates will evaluate each case for each employee and if the case has merit, proceed with the case on an individual level or as a class actions.

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Law Offices of Choi & Associates prides itself in representing Plaintiffs for major injury accidents, lemon law, labor law and class actions. Our staff is committed to providing our clients with the best representation with bilingual staff that are fluent in Korean and Spanish.

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